Nursery Roles

Temporary nursery staff can be of any level from unqualified to senior level staff, they will assist in a setting on a temporary or an emergency basis offering guidance and interaction with children as they would in a permanent role.

Temporary work is available on an ad hoc basis, if you are looking for extra work alongside your current commitments please register your interest below or contact Link Childcare for more details.

Nursery Managers will have responsibility for the daily running and administration of the nursery whilst adhering to the relevant Policies & Procedures. They will ensure compliance with the Childrens Act and Health and Safety legislation, within the requirements and guidelines laid down by Ofsted. They ensure confidentiality is maintained in the nursery and have key-holder responsibility. The role entails supervision of staff and students, conducting regular staff assessments, recognizing training needs, monitoring training and developing teamwork.

If you are looking for a new managerial position within a nursery setting, please contact us for further information on available roles.

A Nursery Deputy / Head of Room will ensure a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care and development for children placed in a Nursery. A Deputy / Head of Room will be responsible for any tasks delegated by the Manager including providing support to other personnel within the Nursery. A Nursery Deputy / Head of Room will step in when a Manager is away and be a part of the management team or take on Nursery Nurse duties.

If you are looking for more responsibility in your nursery role and are interested in becoming a Nursery Deputy / Head of Room, please contact Link Childcare or register your interest.

A Nursery Nurse will provide care for children up to seven years of ages. They assist in many aspects of their daily lives, through social, emotional, educational and practical interaction, nurturing and guidance. They will oversee, maintain and organise a clean, tidy, child-friendly environment, nursery nurses supervise activities, such as messy play, crafts, cooking, reading and outdoor or physical pursuits. Some parents may feel like they’re missing out on their young child’s development, Nursery Nurses will plan, observe and keep records that inform parents and carers about their child’s day.

If you feel this is a career you may be interested in, please register your interest below.

A Nursery Assistant will be working as part of a team overseen by a Key Worker. They care for the daily needs of children from birth to the age of five. Their main role is to give support to other personnel within the Nursery. Nursery Assistants are unqualified childcarers and this role is a stepping stone into a nursery career.

Please register with Link Childcare for further details.

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